Environmental legislation is becoming stricter every year and is driving the search for new catalysts, as well as new applications for existing catalysts. Stonemill can play an active role in collaborating with suppliers of catalytic systems to develop such new catalysts and applications. Some recent examples:

N2O from hospitals
N2O is frequently used in birthing and surgery in hospitals throughout the world. But when the used gas from the breathing mask is emitted to the atmosphere, it has a powerful greenhouse effect. In response to growing demands in Northern Europe to do something about it, we have developed a catalyst that breaks down N2O to plain air. Our first commercial installation, still in operation, was in 2009. Since that several installations have been made.

Peroxide from disinfection
Disinfection with peroxide is used in some industrial applications. Our catalyst for this application has been proven to have the best performance in terms of lifetime and low operating temperature. Since 2011 our catalysts is used in several installations.