Catalytic VOC abatement systems tend to run without problems for years, even though the catalyst ages continuously due to thermal degradation. Even if this degradation is slow, high emissions can arise very suddenly and require immediate action.

It is often advisable to regularly check the function of your catalyst to prevent unpleasant surprises. Stonemill can help you by performing these tests.

Just follow this simple procedure:

  1. Take one or two 500 ml samples of catalyst from the top of the bed in the reactor.
  2. Send the sample to us at the address below, together with some information on when the sample was taken, where in the reactor it was taken from, what type of catalyst and your contact information.
  3. We will run your sample in our pilot plant and send you the results within three weeks, together with our conclusion about the catalyst status (fresh; half way through its lifetime; most activity gone).
  4. To cover our costs, we charge EUR 600 /sample for this service.

Send your sample to:

Stonemill AB
Kontorsgatan 4
SE-254 71 Hasslarp