Base-metal catalysts
Copper and manganese on an alumina oxide extrudate. This range of catalysts, called Metox™, is active to oxygenated hydrocarbons, e.g. ethyl acetate, acetone, ethanol etc. tolerant to silica and phosphorous. These properties, plus the significantly lower price than precious-metal catalysts, make Metox™ a sound choice for such applications as coating and printing.

Precious-metal catalysts
Precious metal (e.g. platinum) on an alumina oxide pellet. High activity to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, e.g. hexane, xylene, benzene etc. Long lifetime in certain key applications, which is important due to the high cost platinum. As the standard version is easily poisoned by the use of silicon oils upstream, we also offer a silica-tolerant platinum catalyst, e.g. for applications in the chemical industry.

Honeycomb catalysts
Precious metal on a metal substrate. These catalysts are used when the design criteria from the system supplier requires less catalyst volume compared to pelletized catalysts, or where linear velocity through the catalyst can be kept higher, e.g. in smaller reactors. The catalyst is supplied pre-mounted with mantel and flanges.